About us

The Eugen Dettinger Company was founded in 1916 in Pforzheim/Germany. It has been run as a traditional family business ever since and is currently being successfully lead in the 3rd and 4th generation by Frank and Falk Dettinger.
"Made in Germany” at the highest level of quality – this is what Dettinger is aiming at. At present approx. 35 highly skilled employees are making it possible to achieve this self-defined goal. Still the majority of our jewellery is being handmade, however in our factory traditional craftsmanship is united with the latest technologies. 
Eugen Dettinger is a company that remains loyal to its home in Pforzheim as one of the last companies in Germany’s former Gold manufacturing centre. In addition and in fact as one of a few only, Dettinger still trains young goldsmiths in the form of apprenticeships.
The company still stands for the old German way of manufacturing, including flexibility and an attractive price-performance ratio, supplemented by high customer services and short delivery times.
The trade finds a wide variety of jewellery available through Eugen Dettinger. The main focus is on premium Gold jewellery and diamonds, diamond jewellery set as solitaires and combinations of precious coloured gemstones. The collection comprises contemporary designs as well as traditional bestsellers in various alloys and colours.
Dettinger sources its conflict-free diamonds from the world’s main diamond exchanges, such as Antwerp and Tel Aviv. With regard to the clarity, colour, size and quality of the diamonds, Dettinger has a huge selection on offer.

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